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Posted By Admin on 01/04/19 - Bookmark PAWG Twerk Videos

I was stuck behind some loser at the drive up ATM yesterday. He had a No Fat Chicks bumper sticker on his truck. What is the point of that? Just to be an asshole and make big women feel bad about themselves for no reason? As expected, the guy looked like a real jack ass. He hadn’t pulled in close enough, so still had to hang partially out his door to use the machine. He wasn’t in the best of shape and appeared to have thinning hair. Judging by his truck and clothes, as well as his anger with the ATM, he likely wasn’t flush with cash either. My guess is that No Fat Chicks also means no chicks at all for his sorry ass.

That’s okay though. Smart guys know the prizes involved with fat women. There is nothing like a big beautiful booty bouncing down in front of you while a plump pussy devours your cock. You can’t get truly smothered by skinny girl tits either. Men who are so opposed to fat women are insecure fools who can’t stand to have their fragile masculinity threatened. Real men can handle women of size and we aren’t afraid to be pinned down under them as they ride us to pure fucking bliss.

Get up to 55% off with an XL Girls discount and see what those kind of guys are missing out on. Then send their fat mamas my way. I’ll bone her so hard that Junior will hear her panting and moaning all the way down in his room in her basement.

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